Stimulating and enabling research

30 စက်တင်ဘာ 2020
4 minutes

A consortium of companies within the Netherlands Association of the Animal Feed Industry, NEVEDI, and the animal production chain, in collaboration with Wageningen University, has developed a Livestock Research programme: Feed4Foodure. De Heus financially supports this programme. In fact, we fulfil a pioneering role in this. And we not only provide financial support, we also gladly share the use of numerous research facilities on our own research farms. Our objective is to make a substantial contribution to a sustainable and healthy livestock industry in the Netherlands. And together, to reinforce our competitive position on the global market. Feed4Foodure focuses on three areas of research:

More with less

Increasing the efficiency of nutrients within the Dutch livestock industry, thereby minimising the harm done to the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Performing research, for example regarding alternative protein sources and their effect on animal behaviour and animal welfare.

Feed, intestinal health, and immunity

How may we improve the animals’ immunity and intestinal health in such a way as to minimise the use of antibiotics?

We are happy that the top sector Agri&Food has taken the initiative to set up the above-mentioned consortium and is providing subsidies to enable further-reaching research. And we also gladly share our knowledge, researchers and research facilities with the Dutch association for animal feed research VDN. This way, we intend to contribute to the Netherlands’ level of expertise. Thus ensuring our country’s leading position in the areas of nutrient efficiency, animal welfare and the environment.