Goal-oriented innovation

30 စက်တင်ဘာ 2020
3 minutes

Every day, we visit thousands of livestock famers around the world. Using the insights gained this way, our International Research & Development Centre is able to continuously develop new ideas and product improvements

Product improvements that may be aimed at reducing the use of medicines. Or which will lead to a more efficient conversion from raw materials into animal proteins. Take, for example, our high-quality Romelko piglet line. First, we tested these extensively in our research stables. After having observed positive results, we began to validate these in practice. The production process was scaled up and the expertise of our specialists was further enhanced. Next, the Romelko piglet line was introduced in the Netherlands. Since then, we have invested considerably in new production processes around the world, for example in Poland, Brazil and Vietnam, to be able to supply this piglet feed of superior quality on a large scale. Naturally, we continue to constantly exchange all available knowledge and experience internationally.