Demonstrably raising the logistic efficiency

15 အောက်တိုဘာ 2020
6 minutes

In everything we think and do, we are demonstrating our awareness of the necessity to handle energy more efficiently. By continuing to invest in new ideas and systems, we succeed in structurally reducing our energy needs. Thereby reducing our environmental footprint even further. We do this in a number of ways, including the following (based on examples in the Netherlands).

Transporting raw materials by water saves energy

Most of our raw materials are imported via the seaports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Some 80% of these are then transported by our own barge fleet to the different Dutch production sites - each of which is located on a waterway. This way, we are saving a lot of fuel compared to road transport. Moreover, we significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Clever Transport Management System

Thanks to our new Transport Management System, we are able to match our production and logistics capacity to our customers’ requirements even better. Real-time information and excellent communication capabilities ensure short lead times and minimal waiting times. At the same time, the number of transport movements and, subsequently, the number of kilometres travelled are reduced. This way, our services are improved, while our fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Training course for even more awareness during driving

Using an in-house developed training c ourse, we introduce our drivers to the latest insights and technologies. This training course has been certified by the Dutch driver and vehicle licensing agency CBR and is repeated periodically. The teaching materials and the exercises focus on increased driving awareness. This is also the reason we have equipped our trucks with an on-board computer. These provide drivers with details about their fuel consumption, braking behaviour, average speed, etc. These measures result in a driving style that will reduce fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions.

New, energy-efficient lorries.

Our policy is aimed at gradually replacing our two-axle semi-trailers by three-axle ones. This automatically means that the loading capacity per run is increased from 24 to 32 tons. This measure will reduce the number of transport movements and substantially reduce fuel consumption. In addition, we are investing in new tractor units that meet the highest environmental standard, i.e. ‘Euro 6’.