De Heus LLC starts construction of its 7th factory

06 မတ် 2015
2 minutes

De Heus Vietnam starts the construction of its 7th animal feed factory in Vietnam, located in the Mekong Delta. It will be the first De Heus factory in Vietnam located directly at the river. It has a dedicated port facility that will enhance the efficiency of transporting raw materials and finished products. It will also have a bulk loading station for the supply of feed by bulk trucks.

The Mekong Delta region is an important market for De Heus. The new feed factory will be located 20 km from the existing De Heus aqua feed factory in Vinh Long province. With strategic investment in a dedicated port facility, De Heus can take advantage of the Mekong’s vital waterway transportation. Customers in Cambodia will also be supplied by the new port facility with lower cost and faster delivery. De Heus has made several important investments for further improving their market position: the existing aqua feed factory, the new animal feed factory in Vinh Long, and the new depot in Hau Giang. With this new strong foundation De Heus can serve more customers throughout the entire Mekong Delta.

The total investment for this project is US$30,000,000. The first phase capacity of the new feed factory is 200.000 tons per year and it will produce high quality feed for pigs, poultry, cattle and other ruminants.