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Dick van den Hengel

International Product Manager Ruminants

ReproBeef, the solution for the reproductive cycle

A year-round approach

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Helping to optimise your cow’s reproductive cycle

As a beef farmer, you want your cows to be fertile and wean calves at a heavy bodyweight. Your cows therefore need to be in optimal health and maintain a healthy body condition score, ready for their reproductive cycle.

ReproBeef, a cow-calf plan

De Heus’ ReproBeef Plan will help you optimise your cow's reproductive cycle by improving their year-round maternal nutritional approach. Our plan takes into account your cows’ nutritional requirements, management strategies and environmental circumstances to help each animal perform to its full potential.

Our plan will help you:

  • Improve the reproductive efficiency of cows and heifers
  • Ensure an easy, healthy start of the lactation
  • Reduce the age of puberty and first calving
  • Increase your calves’ weight at weaning
  • Increase the slaughter weight

Matching grass quality with your cow's nutritional needs

Discover how beef cattle herds are directly influenced, throughout pregnancy, birth and weaning, by the seasonality of the climate.

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Products supporting the ReproBeef, cow-calf plan

Each cow or heifer requires specific amounts of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins, depending on their stage of life and where they are in the reproductive cycle.

Invest in a mother cow’s nutrition and improve the growth potential of its offspring

The ReproBeef Plan helps increase your herd’s pregnancy rate and the weaning weight of your calves. Depending on their stage in the reproductive cycle, each cow or heifer requires specific amounts of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. Unlike other nutritional programmes, the ReproBeef Plan matches the diet to each cow’s specific requirements as well as the available grass.

FAQ Reprobeef

Frequently asked questions

To ensure the successful reproduction of your herd, it is important to adjust the cow's nutrition according to grass quality and availability and the nutritional requirement of the cow.

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Yes, both from nutritional and financial perspective, it makes sense to keep the body condition score stable. This can be done via sufficient supplementing when the quality and availability of the grass decreases.

Research shows that cows that calve in early spring experience better reproduction in the next cycle. The newborn calves are also heavier at weaning.

Yes, the genetic potential of your calves will be utilised better due to improved maternal nutrition. During the fattening phase, the calves have a higher daily and final higher body weight.