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How to achieve healthy piglets which grow well

As a farmer, you not only want to rear healthy piglets which grow well but you also strive for the highest possible return on investment. Two factors play a major role in this: a premium-quality feed and optimal management in the first weeks of the piglet’s life. Afterwards, the strong piglets can switch to a conventional compound feed.

What are your benefits when using Romelko

High-quality premium feeds ensure a healthy growth of your piglet. While a careful transition to conventional, cheaper compound feed increases your return on investment. This is why we say premium when necessary, regular feed when possible!

Increased survival

Reduce piglet mortality by feeding milk replacers

Prepared for weaning

Using Romelko helps to prepare your piglets for weaning

Healthy growing piglets

Helps your piglets to achieve full potential

The importance of early feed intake

Each piglet goes through the same growth process, but does so at its own pace and in its own way. This depends on factors such as genetics, environment and management. In the first weeks of the piglet’s life, its health is fragile, its digestive system is immature and it needs gradual exposure to different raw materials. This gradual exposure will facilitate the transition to a different diet, which helps reduce problems around weaning. Therefore, it is essential to provide supplementary feeds alongside sow milk. There are five reasons to do that.

Our Romelko product range

Romelko piglet feed

The weaning period is critical for the piglet and it needs all the help it can get, including an optimal feeding strategy. More luxurious diets will pay off before and after weaning as they support the piglet during the weaning process. You can switch to a less luxurious feed after weaning. We not only help your piglets emerge through the weaning stage as healthy and quickly as possible, but also provide a smooth, gradual transition from luxurious feed to conventional feed, improving your efficiency.

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How to ensure your piglets get the best possible start

The Romelko approach involves combining well-balanced luxurious feeds with regular ones. Our technical advisors will help you with a tailored advice based on your situation.

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Lia Hoving

International Productmanager Swine

Frequently asked questions

About weaning piglets

Piglets that consume enough milk and supplemental feed in the farrowing room exhibit fewer problems after weaning. This is because they have a gradual and higher feed intake after weaning. As a result, they do not exhibit the well-known weaning dip – one of the most common causes of problems after weaning. This is why early and sufficient supplementation in the farrowing room pays off.

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Healthy, well-growing piglets are profitable during the rearing period and achieve good results during the fattening phase. These piglets will be easier to sell and might warrant a higher selling price. This is important because piglet selling prices determine the differences in feed profit between sow farms.

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The piglet weaning period implies a change in environment and nutrition, and can result in reduced intestinal function. This article describes the potential negative implications and what can be done about them through nutrition.

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The number of live-born piglets per sow is increasing every year. There are more than 14 live-born piglets per litter on average, and as many as 15 for farms ranked among the top 20% in the Netherlands. With this many live-born piglets, it can be a challenge to rear them all up to weaning. Supplying extra milk in the farrowing room, in cups or by hand can help the sow wean more piglets. Motherless rearing can also help increase the number of piglets weaned. Find out more here:

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