Layer Fit!

Customised solutions in every life stage to reach your production target!

Patrick van Vugt

International Product Manager Poultry

All phases from rearing to production count

Layer Fit!

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Layer Fit! customised solutions

Every layer farm is unique. The combination of breed, house, climate and management are different for every farmer. Moreover, farmers have specific production targets and operate in different markets. De Heus introduced the Layer FIT! approach to serve all of these farmers' different needs.

This is Layer FIT!:

LayerFIT! is a customer-driven approach with a single purpose: provide farmers with the best service and feed solutions so they can achieve their targets. That's why De Heus has made substantial R&D investments in nutritional and management solutions to improve performance on layer farms. We believe that the right combination of management and nutrition will support you in achieving the following targets:

  • Maintain healthy & robust layers
  • Extend production persistency
  • Optimise egg weight and shell strength
  • Reduce costs
  • Generate higher returns

Monitoring in every phase

You want the ability to monitor and control in every laying phase, based on your specific circumstances and targets. Layer FIT! provides solutions tailored to your specific situation regarding feed, water supply, climate and light.

Your farm's key starting points

The idea behind Layer FIT! is that by analysing a farm in great detail and taking into account all the relevant aspects, we can develop the right combination of management and nutrition throughout the different stages of the laying hens' life.

The Layer FIT! concept is based on knowledge developed globally by De Heus. This knowledge is adapted to the specific local market and your farm conditions to ensure optimal efficiency under any circumstance. The Layer Fit! concept provides advice on feed management, water supply, climate and lighting issues tailored to your specific situation.


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As a laying farmer, you can unlock your earning potential and reduce your workload by optimally managing all laying phases. Our solutions harness the latest scientific research as well as data from on-farm trials.