For the optimal performance, health and welfare of your layer and broiler chickens.

Patrick van Vugt

International Product Manager Poultry

Galdus, the premium pre-starter

An ultimate early feeding solution

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Optimal health, performance and profitability

The right start to a chick's start life will enable it to grow into a healthy layer or broiler and perform optimally. Experience and research shows that productivity, liveability and persistency of production increase dramatically when the early development of poultry is stimulated. Galdus is a premium product, specially created to help your poultry develop in the most optimal and healthy way during the first week of life. Indeed, a healthy early development will result in optimal performance later on. We develop Galdus in our own research facilities based years of experience and knowledge obtained around the world.

The Galdus approach

Galdus is a highly nutritious crumble pre-starter for young chicks. It's a powerful, innovative and completely natural pre-starter. Feeding your chicks Galdus in the first week stimulates the early development of the digestive organs and regulates the intestinal microflora. This early development, in tandem with a higher feed intake capacity, is the key to achieving the best possible results with your chicks. Galdus regulates intestinal microflora using our unique and exclusive ingredients. It will help you achieve the following targets:

  • Early development of digestive tract
  • Feed intake and growth
  • Strong legs and immunity development
  • Better uniformity of birds in the initial phase

Stimulating the early development of chicks

Galdus can be given ad libitum during the first days of a day-old chick's life. The preferred amount depends strongly on factors such as DOC weight, historical weight of the birds at slaughter, breed, egg production and weight. Your De Heus Animal Nutrition expert can advise you on the optimal amount fitted to you

Learn more about the Galdus feeding schedules.

How to ensure the best possible start for your chickens

By optimally managing your chicks' start during the first weeks of their lives, as a broiler and layer farmer you will unlock your earning potential and reduce your workload. Harnessing the latest scientific research as well as data from on-farm trials, De Heus is developing new approaches for this crucial period. These methods can help reduce disease and the use of antibiotics and drive income growth.