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Patrick van Vugt

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Broiler FIT! Customised solutions

No two broiler farms are the same. As every company has its own wishes and production targets, De Heus develops customised concepts (a unique FIT for your needs) for broilers that take your complete business operations into account. As a result, it's always up to you to decide the best fit for your farm. Moreover, the broiler market is constantly changing: De Heus closely monitors global developments in broiler genetics, production efficiency, welfare, health and sustainability goals. This enables us to continuously update our Broiler FIT concept to meet your latest requirements.

Broiler FIT!

BroilerFIT! uses a hands-on approach: at the start of each new flock, one of our experts helps you develop your feeding strategy and management. Together, you will set new targets based on the evaluation of previous flocks. After all, every round is different. The BroilerFIT! programme has the following advantages: - Helps you to determine your production target - Provides tailored advice on nutrition and management strategy to reach your goal - Constantly re-evaluates how to optimise your target.

  • Determine your production aim
  • Advice from our multidisciplinary team of nutritionists, farm management and microclimate experts, and veterinarians
  • Taillored advice on nutritional and management strategy to reach your target
  • Multiple feed lines available
  • Adjustable during the round

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Are you interested in the Broiler FIT! Concept? Would you like help setting up an optimal feeding schedule? Our experts are ready to help you develop the best solution for your production aims!

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Frequently asked questions about Broiler FIT!

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Our broiler feed contains all the raw materials and nutrients needed to stimulate the development of your chicks' gizzards. Your chicks will receive a complete feed.

If you use wheat on your farm, the broilers will receive an additional concentrate. The composition of the concentrate is tailored to the percentage of wheat that you feed. A tailor-made wheat schedule ensures that the combination of wheat and concentrate covers the broilers' needs. The concentrate provides the broilers with vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients.

The key pillar of the BroilerFIT! plan is to find the right solution for your specific situation. Our expert will work with you to develop a tailored feed strategy with the following options:

Complete feed, concentrate or premix: based on whether or not you feed raw materials on your farm. You can select either crumb or grain. You can also choose between four coccidiostats: Maxiban, Sacox, Monteban or Deccox.

How to get the best results out of your broiler flock

By optimally managing their flocks, poultry farmers can unlock their earning potential and reduce their workload. Harnessing the latest scientific research as well as on-farm trials, De Heus is advancing new approaches to the important broiler sector.